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The Accuver brand is specifically conceived to embody and deliver the latest thinking, test methodologies and robust performance from three leading providers of test, measurement and network optimization solutions. Accuver aims to both formalize and harmonize this collective effort to deliver a common user-experience, eliminate market confusion, instill trust in our clients and enhance overall competitiveness. Accuver provide solutions for the full range of today’s existing technologies, all based on developing and testing wireless user equipment, chipsets, infrastructures, and networks.




XCAL is real-time software-based solution for wireless network optimization and performance measurement.

XCAL collects Layer 1, 2, and 3 messages, and TCP/IP packets from both the air and data interface of all commercially available technologies (CDMA IS95A/B, 1XRTT, EVDO (Rev. 0 Rev. A/B), GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, and HSUPA) WiMax and LTE. 

XCAL is also proven to significantly reduce overheads and improve operational efficiency, allows several mobiles to interface simultaneously, even with different technologies, and provides an ideal solution for measuring both voice and data service performance. XCAL can be used for both indoor and outdoor measurement.

XCAP is a powerful post-processing engine that enables the users (service providers, system vendors, cell phone vendor and application providers) to mine data gathered from XCAL, XCAL-Mobile and XCAL-MO.

It is designed to support experienced RF and optimization engineers, the easy to use ‘drag and drop’ GUI can be mastered quickly, even by a less experienced engineer. XCAP delivers an unsurpassed ability to analyze and visualize drive-test data both spatially and geographically.

XCAL-Mobile SmartPhone Solutions


XCAL-Mobile Smartphone is a product that enables call testing and data collection using Apple iPhone and Android devices. It supports the measurement of network data, throughput performance, and voice quality (PESQ) of voice calls.
The XCAL-Mobile Smartphone solution is a handheld based stand-alone application running on smart phones which measures and displays basic RF parameters, and has an AutoCall script feature for voice, web, FTP download/upload and e-mail services.
The smart phone is a field test unit designed for simple and quick measurements anytime and anywhere; especially useful for in-building testing; The smart phones internal GPS is used for location

Vuze is a platform that integrates all the information an operator needs to manage its network performance. It uses outdoor drive testing data, indoor walk testing data and stationary testing data on a nationwide basis. This platform can also integrate data from XCAL-Auto (automatic data collection platform), base station traffic, base station call statistics, customer center, and the core network. 

 A comprehensive range of statistical reports per region/team and benchmarking results, comparing performance with other networks (operators), help the operator to understand their network quality and assist decision making regarding network improvements.


XCAL-Auto is an integrated platform designed to provide basic KPIs from data automatically collected from the field and indoors using smart phones, tablet PCs and the XCAL-P8E product. This solution enables users to make cost savings in data collection, generate reports, and it supports real time field quality reporting by allowing the user to send commands to remote units via the system server.

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