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Communications service providers across the globe are continuing their rapid migration to next-generation networks that can deliver reliable broadband services over any device anytime, anywhere.

With today’s explosion of broadband traffic driven by people’s need for instant access to information, communications service providers are rethinking their network infrastructure to support new technologies and applications. Always-on connectivity and bandwidth-intensive business, lifestyle and entertainment services are challenging traditional networks and driving profound changes in enterprises and broadband networks. With its industry-leading portfolio of network infrastructure solutions and services, ADC plays a crucial role in enabling its customers to deliver dynamic video, voice, data and wireless services that are increasingly essential to businesses and on-the-go consumers.

ADC’s innovative, high-performance fiber connectivity and wireless coverage and capacity solutions support a broad range of network applications that help the company’s customers provide new and improved services to meet their own customers’ unrelenting demand for bandwidth. The global demand for bandwidth offers unique growth opportunities for ADC in service provider and enterprise networks in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Founded 75 years ago, ADC continues to build on a strong heritage of providing solutions and services that support its customers’ migration to next-generation networks in more than 130 countries across the globe. As the leading service providers and enterprises worldwide invest in infrastructure that delivers broadband services to business, residential and mobile subscribers, ADC’s breadth of solutions and experience, together with its strong financial position, make the company a reliable partner in addressing today’s network realities and preparing for tomorrow’s communications demands.

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