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The iBwave founded in 2003, brought a powerful and reliable indoor wireless voice and data communications design tool to help wireless operators, system integrators and equipment manufacturers, in order to simplify the design of building a wireless network, we firstrecognize the combination of software needs to speed up the design of the indoor system.
We help customers realize the full value of wireless voice and data network, enhance competitiveness and improve the user experience, reduce customer churn rate, income generation and data applications, in order to maintain ARPU. Us in building design optimization of capital expenditure on the network to its full potential.

iBwave Design

The iBwave design is the industry-leading software to automate the construction of network design activities planned. Significant reduction in the time spent in manual work in the field and increase cost savings. Design and planning will take several weeks before, and now in just a few hours to complete.

Our software allows you to make the right core investment from the outset and led to significantly improve productivity in the future.
iBwave Unity
In all your projects in the construction of the network, to obtain complete visibility. Multifunctional management platform to improve collaboration between the players in the wireless ecosystem. Enterprise instant control indoor wireless network assets.
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