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Open platform specifically designed to optimize the cellular network, for use in desktop computers. A complete set of engineering tools, drill-down, troubleshooting, and reporting capabilities.

The industry”s first fully embedded in custom and automation platform engine. The user has the right to self-definition, automation, and simplify their best practice engineering into standard and repeatable processes.

For network operators, system combined supplier, supplier of engineering services, test and measurement manufacturers and infrastructure manufacturers, separate the different needs, customized proprietary applications and tools.


Only a platform to unify all of your day-to-day work.  Designed by a web-based open platform for network performance management and monitoring.

Web-based user interface and dashboard provides comprehensive interactive control of network resources report (data element dynamic acquisition, task scheduling, on-demand access).

With the unique design features specifically designed for network operators, system integrators, engineering service providers, test platform.

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