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DATAX provides applications for multivendor and multi-RAT RAN optimisation and management. Our products are tightly integrated with OSS. Our team translates their expert knowledge into pragmatic solutions for actual network problems.



Up to 80o/o time saved thanks to repeatable process automation. DATAX guarantees an increase of at least 15o/o in quality KPIs.

DATAX QB is a multivendor RAN optimization solution with an automated mechanism to address the most time-consuming aspects of the process. DATAX QB is tightly integrated with OSS and guarantees:

  • Smart spectrum usage
  • Automation & standardization of data collection and result implementation
  • QoE improvement – 15o/o better KPIs

QoE Improvement

The guaranteed improvement of 15o/o in KPIs has been proved in both: drive tests and direct before-and-after comparison. DATAX QB increases the QoE by improving standard network KPIs such as Call Drop Rate, Call Drop Reasons, Handover Reasons, and Traffic Volume. Our solution assists Operators in achieving their main business goal – to ensure customers’ satisfaction with quality of mobile connections.

Automated data and results

DATAX QB automates the most repetitive and risky tasks in order to boost up engineering efficiency and avoid human errors. DATAX QB’s main goal is to ensure repeatability of the high-quality results and enable scalability of task allocation.


Higher control over your data and processes

DATAX CM provides a multivendor solution for lean RAN configuration management. It is tightly integrated with OSS and it guarantees:

  • Transparency of all network configuration information
  • Visibility of network configuration changes
  • Automation of the most critical processes (time or risk)
  • Validation and enforcement* of RAN configuration policy

* In some cases it requires network optimization

Transparency of all network configuration information

DATAX CM gives you an access to a centralized repository of all multivendor RAN network elements. The history of changes is transparent and easy to track also in geographical space. All users can plan and manage future tasks based on unified information.

Standardization and automation of the most critical processes (time or risk)

DATAX CM eliminates the risk of human errors related to network configuration by automating and standardising processes, also the most risky ones. Automation and standardization of repeatable time-consuming tasks enhances the flexibility of team management.

Validation of RAN configuration policy

DATAX CM verifies network configuration policy by performing consistency checks. If the result is not achieved, we give you the tool to modify your configuration in order to reach its policy goals. Sometimes the network optimization is needed.

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