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Ranplan is an innovative UK-based wireless technology company that has used extensive experienced gained in research to create iBuildNet, an indoor and outdoor heterogeneous network planning, optimisation and simulation solution for Small Cell, DAS and Wi-Fi networks.

Ibuildnet uses advanced 3D modelling and fast and accurate 3D ray-tracing, along with powerful data algorithms to model multiple radio access technologies in coordination and automatically optimise the choice of AP location, antenna type, power and channel assignment. Ibuildnet is equally effective for indoor and outdoor planning making it ideally suited for Public safety, Enterprise and Public Wi-Fi applications in addition to the traditional Mobile Operator market.


The world”s leading in-building wireless network design tool

  • Best-in class 3D building modelling:Smart CAD extract enables users to faithfully reconstruct imported 2D models into 3D
  • Network System Design allows users to flexibly model and design networks for a wide range of venues and environments
  • Large multi-vendor database
  • Optimisation modules (IFO/IAO/ICO/ITO/INP/PCI Planning/RSI Planning) bring the automation of in-building wireless network design to unprecedented levels
  • Optional Wireless Network Simulator(WNS) for traffic capacity simulation
  • Fast and accurate true 3D ray-tracing/launching propagation engine optimised for complex indoor scenarios
  • A comprehensive set of reports
  • Comprehensive materials database and extensive components library

The industry-leading 5G network planning capability, supporting:

  • Both NSA and SA deployments
  • All 5G NR frequency bands
  • Multi-layer deployments, i.e., coverage, coverage and capacity, and super data layers
  • All 5G NR duplexing modes (TDD, FDD, SUL, SDL)
  • All 5G NR numerology (e.g., sub-carrier spacing, symbol duration, CP, BW, FFT size, TTI)
  • All 7 MIMO modes (e.g., MU-MIMO and beamforming)
  • Massive MIMO and 3D-MIMO
  • Carrier aggregations (intra- and inter-band, cross-RATs)
  • Inter-working between 5G NR with 2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT/WiFi networks





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