Corporate Social Responsibility

In order to implement the corporate philosophy of "pursuing sustainable management", Taiwan (Taiwan) Ltd. established a corporate social responsibility group in 2019, with the administrative manager as the Team Leader, responsible for overall planning of our CSR development strategy. In addition to the establishment of a special CSR team, we also formulate the "Corporate Social Responsibility Policy" on the three aspects of "Responsible Enterprise", "Green Enterprise" and "Social Enterprise", and the relevant policy contents will be reviewed once a year.


Responsible Enterprise

We believe that business operation is not only in the pursuit of profit and stable growth, but also to rely on society, so that sustainable implementation in the company culture, and affect all stakeholders, together to create sustainable value. Therefore, in view of our three core values of “Integrity”, “Quality” and “Relationship”, we have formulated relevant Responsible Enterprise Policies.


All employees are required to comply with the Code of Ethical Conduct, and all transactions must comply with laws and regulations to prevent conflicts of interest between individuals and the Company, avoid opportunities for personal gain, achieve confidentiality and fair dealing, protect and appropriately use the Company's assets, encourage the reporting of any illegal or violation of the Code of Ethical Conduct, and establish relevant disciplinary measures. In addition, in order to ensure the information security of the company itself and its stakeholders, we have also formulated relevant management mechanisms including entity security control and system authority control.


We specialize in network planning and optimization solutions and network measurement and analysis solutions, marketing and agency of all communications/electronic equipment and components, network management systems, network planning, network testing, network optimization tools and telemetry antenna systems, etc., thanks to the years of cooperation with many technology providers and service network operators, but also so that we have the relevant expertise to plan and handle various types of project construction.

In terms of quality control policies and measures, we have dedicated quality control personnel in the Network & Marketing Department to ensure product quality. In order to improve the internal performance of enterprises, we also provide product, business, marketing and other education and training, cultivate employees to learn new knowledge and new skills, and conduct quality management education and training for quality management from time to time. In addition, before coming and going with the supplier, we will also evaluate and investigate the shipment quality, delivery time, price and service of the manufacturer.


In order to meet the current and future communication, information and multimedia integration needs, we continue to seek and provide the best communication system solutions to meet the market demand. We maintain good partnerships with our business partners and suppliers to provide the best communication solutions, and jointly pursue maximum profitability and the vigorous growth of the information industry.

In order to implement the commitment of corporate sustainability, we also regard employees as the most important assets, integrate respect for economic, social, cultural, civil, political rights and development into our operations, continue to create a safe and high-quality workplace environment, and provide a diverse and inclusive workplace where every employee can play to their strengths and ensure that the basic and working human rights of employees are not violated.

In addition, we attach importance to opinions and feedback from all parties, which are the driving force for the growth and progress of the company. The feedback form on the company's official website, as long as you enter the problem description, you can directly transmit valuable opinions to customers /technical service personnel. Internally, we also provide a smooth channel for employee complaints, and respond and implement improvements in real time.

Green Enterprise

Although we are only a trader rather than a manufacturer, and the products and services we provide are mainly from the technological upgrading of equipment in the telecommunications industry, we are still committed to becoming a Green Enterprise; the relevant strategies and management are as follows:

Social Enterprise

We have been caring for disadvantaged groups for a long time and make donations from time to time.

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