In-Building Solutions

A distributed antenna system (DAS) is made of a network of antennas and RF distribution network which are placed throughout the building to provide indoor coverage. A DAS is used in different applications such as:

  •     Hospitality (hotels, resorts, conference centers)
  •     Public venues (airports, stadiums, convention center)
  •     Government and education (government offices, university campus)
  •     Healthcare (medium/large hospitals)
  •     Large tall buildings, underground parking, train stations, etc.

SDP Telecom’s DAS components/subsystems are designed to improve the indoor coverage with highest performance and reliability. SDP’s design addresses all the DAS needs of current and future wireless communication generations, offering flexible solutions for every application.

  • Standard and custom designed modular point of interface (POI)
  • Standard and custom designed combiner matrices (2×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, etc.)
  • Filters/duplexer/filter combiners
  • Power splitters/combiners, couplers/tappers, attenuators and terminations
  • Jumper cables

All products are now available in N, DIN and 4.3-10 type connectors on request
RF Site Solutions

SDP Telecom designs and manufactures passive and active RF components and sub-systems for all cellular air interfaces (380-960 & 1710-2690 MHz) for RF Site application. SDP is also an active member of AISG community (vendor code: SD) and offers fully complaint AISG antenna-line devices. An in-house environmental and reliability lab ensures product are designed and tested for sustenance in harsh outdoor environmental conditions at the site.

SDP’s product offering:

  • Filter/duplexers
  • Filter combiners (dual, triple & quad bands)
  • Tower mounted amplifiers (TMA) for both FDD & TDD modes
  • Central control unit (CCU)
  • Power distribution unit (PDU)
  • Smart bias tees
  • Power combiners & splitters

Radio Link Products

SDP Telecom designs and manufactures microwave-mm wave (up to 96 GHz) components and sub-systems to provide standard and customized product solution to fit our customers’ requirement. With over 300 years of combined experience in microwave-mm wave product engineering, SDP’s industry leadership is a direct derivative of continuous research and development for new and novel product designs in this highly competitive and specialized industry. In-house design to manufacturing competency ensures a short product development cycle and rapid production roll-outs. SDP’s products provide all four essential differentials in terms of performance, cost, quality and delivery.

SDP’s diverse range of Radio Link/Backhaul products which find application in various market segments:

  • Cellular backhaul infrastructure
  • Enterprise connectivity
  • Defense

Component Families
SDP Telecom is the industry leader for Base Station isolators and circulators. To accommodate customer demand and provide supplier versatility our component families have expanded to include surface mount couplers.


Since the establishment in 1974, Teltai (Taiwan) Ltd. is about to enter its 50th year. We always follow the entrepreneurial spirit of "Corporate Sustainability" and implemented it into our day-to-day business and operation. Therefore, over the years, in the ever-changing market changes and technological innovations, we can still insist on excellent service and provide valuable products.

From the simulation design and planning in the early stage of network deployment, the test measurement and analysis to verify the quality of the network, to the long-term maintenance and optimization, providing a comprehensive solution for the entire network life cycle.

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