From the ground up, we assure performance. Whether it’s a warfighter on the battlefield communicating on the move, an oil worker at a drilling site using high speed bandwidth or an airline passenger connecting to the cloud, we help service providers using satellites assure the availability, reliability and quality of their customer communications.

Satellite operators, telecommunications providers, broadcasters, the military and a range of other industries rely on us as their strategic supplier of end-to-end enterprise ground systems solutions.

Kratos has over 3,000 installations across the globe for industry leading organizations.

We are the only solutions provider that has such a broad set of integrated, strategic products with enterprise grade reliability.

Our solutions touch just about everything across the ground segment. From ensuring the signal arrives on the ground with integrity, transporting the signal reliably through the terrestrial network, to assuring it is delivered with quality to the end user— whether that’s a television viewer in Singapore or a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan.

Our end-to-end enterprise products are implemented across ground stations to help customers mitigate interference, transport data effectively and assure service quality.




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