Friendly Technology

Friendly Technologies is a leading provider of device management software for the Internet of Things / M2M, Smart Home and Triple Service. Enabling service providers to avoid device dependencies and managing multiple types of devices on a single platform. Friendly platform enables customers to automatically connect and configure new devices, monitor QoE, remotely configure and update firmware, simplify their support services, while their servers and cloud-based solutions provide insight into service providers.


Since the establishment in 1974, Teltai (Taiwan) Ltd. is about to enter its 50th year. We always follow the entrepreneurial spirit of "Corporate Sustainability" and implemented it into our day-to-day business and operation. Therefore, over the years, in the ever-changing market changes and technological innovations, we can still insist on excellent service and provide valuable products.

From the simulation design and planning in the early stage of network deployment, the test measurement and analysis to verify the quality of the network, to the long-term maintenance and optimization, providing a comprehensive solution for the entire network life cycle.

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